Western Hearts · Pacific Skies EP 2015

We Had So Much Left To Explore

Here off the Raritan
On this quiet side of Princeton
There’s not much to do I know
So we hiked in the Sourlands

You bring the map but I
I keep it folded
We’ll find our way
Pioneers emboldened

But we had so much left to explore

When the days get short
We’ll wish for someone close
So we share our secrets
Some things we only whisper

Lime green and true blue
I slowly learn you
The names of your sisters
Old family pictures

But we had so much left to explore

Snowfall on the ground
Oh Christmastime is coming
Walk in the quiet night
The silent streets of our town

Though I was leaving, you
You simply stood there
Oh the silence and
Breathe in the cold air

But we had so much left to

I’m sorry to leave but please see that
Portland called to me
And I could not love because
Distance is no reprieve

And I made no guarantees
For you who disagreed
Oh how we disagreed

We had so much left to
To conquer this continent and the breadth of its shores
And every last thought if I knew all the words
To take you to every last place on this Earth
Well, we had so much left to explore


Baby I have chased Wisconsin
In front of an April storm
Baby I have seen the Heartland
By a trail off of 94

How many miles can pass in two long days
More than I can tell, why it’s been that way
I’m fond of this view, I’m sorry I can’t stay
I’ll get back to the car and be on my way

It ain’t like you to feel left behind
There’s time for us to be redefined
I’ll start it over if I’m so inclined
I’m lookin’ at the sky
Just sky, sky, sky

Baby I am chasing time
The last of the winter snow
Baby I leave footsteps on the ground
On my way up to the clouds

These years were writ in the western skies
Don’t know the script so we’ll improvise
Love takes place between hellos, goodbyes
I’ll get back to the car cause I realize


I searched the horizon for things to come
I left my steps on Wisconsin’s ground
I found myself a thousand miles from home
We follow our hearts as far as we can go

No my shoes they don’t have much sole
But I feel the Earth the way my car feels the road
If you chase the light you’ll always be where it goes
Miles from home and miles from our destination



Yeah I drove then with the Texas Sun in the rearview mirror, I was on the run
Why look back with her blues and reds always in the picture, always in my head
The western sky always looming large… you can feel damn small but until you start

Austin saw me burn at a hundred and five

You wished for light
We were sunchasers on a westward drive
We drove through the night
We were moon breakers with stars in our eyes

The Garden State and a year half gone
Drove out west, drove towards the setting sun
Time stood still across the plains
The Dakotas wait but the time don’t change
Drive damn fast, drive a long long way
When Montana passed, it simply passed away

Wyoming saw me drive a hundred and five


But the road now I traveled
How it leaves a man unraveled

to simply drive away


And you wished for light
We were sunchasers on a westward drive
We drove through the night
Found to love is to be alive

The Columbia Light

You spent a long time to find out
That you could not fly
The dust on your wings and the
Sleep in your eyes

I chose to sail instead of
Instead of climbing on high
These last two years have been
(Oh say it with me)
Hard to set right

We were never meant to sail on the
Never meant to fly
And every song I sing for you
Let me tell you why
The years go on and I’m still finding my own light

I spent a long time to find
This river we call home
I was carried by the wind to
This confluence alone

I left behind the desert
And I spurned the rocky range
To put down roots along the
Willamette and its plains

The autumn breeze was calling
I crossed the country falling
Oh how a man can feel like he was all in

Oh Emily Anne it can’t be,
I heard the truth and it spent me,
So much for being let down and let down gently

With every mile to say it
And sixty days to play it
The Columbia Light was shining, so I chased it

Just watch me make it


October Sky

I forget why this fight even started
We’re not the kind to fight we just talk
There’s a car outside where I’m waiting
And streetlights can multiply cause it’s raining

Thought I’d catch you right as you were leaving
Even though you said you needed space
Have a feeling you’re with someone you truly need
And in this moment, that’s not quite me

I’m outside your studio that you moved into alone
Oh the trouble we take to make our own homes

Oh babe I know it’s hard to love someone
Forget about deserving, just overcome
My arms are open but you don’t know why
You don’t know why

If you love like the wind there’s a place for us in the October sky
It’s rained like hell but it was sunny just as well
Dress for the lows, live for the highs
And reasons like seasons they change as sure as the clouds descend

Yes dress for the lows, but it’s the highs that kept us dreaming

You’re no sailor, you’re no mountaineer
But you done climb some mountains
I seen it in you dear

You’re no princess, you ain’t the Texas Star
But you done fill the night sky
I seen it from afar

I’m no savior and I make no guarantees
But when I hold your spirit
You’re all that I believe

I’m no safe bet, I might get up and leave
But I’m gon leave you better
I’m young enough to be naive

The summer love that found us has found me alone
I’m holding the tickets, but November’s on loan

Oh babe I know it’s hard to love someone
I thought about deserting, felt overcome
My arms are open but you don’t know why
You don’t know why


The push and pull
The gusts and lulls
The Pacific skies
Could not be more indifferent

The high and low
The fast and slow
Look at us both
And there’s room to grow

I drove out west from the Garden State
You left behind your Southern Maine
We found ourselves up three floors
In Portland’s rainy winter days
Who was I when summer came
Different now as October wanes
Remember love that seasons change
And you’ll live to love another day

And you’ll live to love another day

And you’ll live

(The autumn breeze was calling me)
(But the October sky is all I see)
(Remember love, there’s love in me)

Loved like the wind, there’s a place for us in the October Sky
Rained like hell, sunny just as well
Dressed for the lows, lived for the highs

And reasons, like seasons
These reasons, like seasons

I finally see her
She leads me up to her floor
She asked me how long I’d been waiting
But not who I’d been waiting for